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Summertime is in full swing so it's time for the PubStumpers LIVE Trivia team to close Season 3 Spring 2017 with our Grand Finale. 

Watch the video now for your special 2 POINT Winning Advantage!

This Wednesday June 28 at 7pm, join us at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub as we award our season Grand Prize from Simcoe Audio Video, give away two more Bull and Barrel gift cards, and offer up any food menu item for free to those that qualify via the ETRdotTV Events and Contests page. 

That's a deal you can't refuse! 

We are looking forward to another season, taking place in the Fall, back at the Bull. Stay tuned to announcements on ETRdotTV throughout the Summer.

Thank you to the Bull and Barrel Pub, to our Feature Partners, and to all of our wonderful players. Have a great Summer!

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Life Success is nothing more than a string of failures tied together with a few home runs. 

That's why they invented editing. In this episode of the weekly Winning Advantage video, Quizmaster Jennifer agrees to lay bare for all to see, the trials and tribulations of delivering a good on-camera performance. 

Wait, what? She didn't agree to this? Uh-oh, too late now...its Blooper Time!  

Come out for more fun antics this Wednesday 7pm at the Bull and Barrel Pub. Prizes, laughs, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. It's all at The Bull. 

It's the second last week of the season and next week is our Grand Finale. We will award our grand prize courtesy of Simcoe Audio Video that night. Enter at THIS WEEK'S game for another chance to win that fabulous grand prize. 

See you, your teams and your smiles, this Wednesday along with your answer to the Winning Advantage Question in the video!

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Paddle your way to the Bull & Barrel Pub this Wednesday after your fun in the sun and get your grip on two PINUP stand-up paddle boards for an entire weekend!

After a hot day of fun in the sun with these indestructible beauties, your body will crave more than water!

It's all about balance and relaxing, and PubStumpers at the Bull & Barrel Pub with PINUP Boarding is a pinnacle of Summer bliss! 

Refuel and recharge your mind and body with refreshing beverages, hearty meals and challenging LIVE Trivia. Your Summer vacation is here and now, So enjoy! Free parking for your summer toys is included.

See ya, either on the board or over a frosty brew!


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Real broadcast radio is here to stay. In this episode, Jennifer takes a look at one of the best radio stations in Central Ontario - Rock 95.

Come out this Wednesday June 7th to LIVE PubStumpers Trivia at the Bull and Barrel Pub as we celebrate Real Radio and a brand new promotion! 

Click on the Events and Contests link at the top of the page to get all the details on the new promotion! 

And of course, be sure to bring the answer to the Winning Advantage Question that Jennifer shares with us in the video. 

Gather up your team and we'll see you Wednesday at 7pm! 

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ETRdotTV is all about your Life Success, your Informed Buying, and of course your Fun. The Fun part, thanks to Bull & Barrel PubStumpers, is well taken care of. 

You could say it's as delicious as a Bull and Barrel Stuffed Yorkie - this week's video will prove it! 

Helping you with Life Success and Informed Buying is what's yet to come with our little ETRdotTV -  so keep watching. 

Our focus is on stories that have the three "I"s of being Interesting, Innovative, and Independent. We want people to work together for common benefit - not against one another. 

The stories we share are about You. We champion authentic experiences. 

Our feature partners share these qualities and are worthy of your consideration. 

So thank you for being a part of our channel  We look forward to more teams, more fun and more success each week at the Bull & Barrel Pub - What A Real Pub Should Be - from your friends at ETRdotTV, What Your Real TV Screen Should Be!

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What is a "dotTV"? Last week in a question, and in a candy round, we learnt about the Internet's Top Level Domains. There are more of them than just ".com".  

Every country has one too, such as the ".ca" of Canada. With ETRdotTV the Top Level Domain of ".tv" evokes the abbreviation of "television". That's not its origin, however. 

The tiny Island country of Tuvalu in the South Pacific was assigned .tv before their government decided to sell the rights for $50 Million in 1998. Now anyone can have a .tv website. 

ETRdotTV is about Fun of course - the word is right in our tag line - but equally important is Life Success and Informed Buying. 

We advocate for innovative, interesting, and independent companies that deserve your attention. These are companies that actually want to help you have a better life, and treat you fairly at the same time. 

This week's Winning Advantage video takes a quick look at one of the companies that we are proud to call our feature partner: Barrie's own Simcoe Audio Video. 

Check it out and check them out. And bring the answer to the Winning Advantage Question in the video to this Wednesday's 7pm PubStumpers game at the Bull and Barrel Pub. 

That will help you and your team be at the top level of your domain! 

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We all strive for a winning trivia performance - but first you have to get to the Bull and Barrel Pub.

Keeping your car in shape means avoiding expensive breakdowns and missing Wednesday trivia because you're stuck on the side of the road. 

Our New feature partner Auto Care Plus can help.

Changing your engine oil regularly is one of the best ways to extend your car's life

During this PubStumpers season, we'll be awarding certificates for free oil changes - with one going to a winner this week!

Motor on down for some fun and prizes this Wednesday 7pm. Drive safely!

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Innovation is key on ETRdotTV and is our motivation for growing and building for the future. That's where we need to be. And you don't necessarily need your car keys in Simcoe County, to get where you need to be.

Transportation options are all around us, including with Metrolinx Go Transit. The choices of getting around are easy - and getting easier. 

So make your destination the Bull & Barrel Pub each Wednesday for LIVE PubStumpers fun. Relax and enjoy. That's your Winning Advantage! 

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Roll over to the Bull & Barrel Pub this Wednesday at 7pm for a howling good time with PubStumpers LIVE Trivia! Candyman Ron, will reward you with sweet treats and Quizmaster Jennifer can teach any dog new tricks. 

There is plenty to learn at any age so be sure to watch the very end of this video, right through the credits, for your bonus lesson! We will be awarding more concert tickets, $25 Bull & Barrel gift cards as well as new prizes announced every week.

So don't be an underdog, fetch your teammates and come join us this Wednesday at your favorite watering bowl! Enjoy tasty pub grub, lap up some beverages and you'll be wagging your tail with laughs and groans. Woof! Woof!

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What an impact the young Maple Leaf players have made on us this season, with a thrilling six game series and a one point overtime loss. Like a metaphor for life, you give it your all but it's sometimes not enough. Kind of like PubStumpers LIVE Trivia but at least we don't have to endure body checks!

No matter your age or trivia skill, all it takes is the tenacity and perseverance to obtain that one extra point to beat out your rival teams! The results have been extraordinary this season with unexpected teams rising to the top due to weekly commitment that breeds rising scores!   

The prizes at the Bull & Barrel Pub are sweet and worth competing for, so keep building your knowledge and your team for future wins. Practice makes perfect. Let's score a victory for your team next time! Go Teams Go!

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