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During the first half of this season of LIVE PubStumpers Trivia at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub, ETRdotTV has awarded prizes galore. 

They have included a weekend with two Pin Up Boarding Stand-up Paddle Boards, a round of golf for two people at Simoro Golf Links, Gift Cards courtesy of the Bull, and even free hospitality for a couple of lucky teams. 

There is more to come. This Wednesday after the 7pm game, we will be drawing for a beautiful framed poster of Auston Matthews courtesy of the Icebox Cards and Collectibles.

After the rookie sensation scored the overtime goal to lead the Leafs to the win this past Saturday, that poster is sure to be even more coveted! 

Watch the video now to get your Winning Advantage Question and be better prepared for the win this Wednesday. 

We will see you there!

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In this 5th episode of the Season Four Winning Advantage video series, Quizmaster Jennifer reprises her performance at Simoro Golf Links from 2016. 

Containing an all new question for this week's game, you won't be able to straighten that slice into the rough by just bringing the old answer! 

Oh no, you'll need to learn anew. 

So tee up your team after you take aim at the correct answer, and we'll see you Wednesday at 7pm at the Bull and Barrel Pub. 

We'll be awarding a round of golf at Simoro for you and a friend.

Just don't expect Candyman Ron to be your caddy - we'll give you a cart instead!

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Hit all the right notes with an assist from this week's Winning Advantage Question contained in the video. 

You will be better prepared, and will be synchronized with your team for a great performance at show time. 

And show time is 7pm this Wednesday October 4th at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub for LIVE PubStumpers Trivia. 

Pleasant play, food, drinks, and prizes galore, we'll all be on stage together!

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Quizmaster Jennifer gets right to the point on this week's video. And that point is to reveal your Winning Advantage Question for Wednesday's LIVE trivia at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub. 

Get your answer together, get your team together, and get yourself together and head on down to the Bull for fun and prizes. 

And while you leap into action, follow us on Twitter @ETRdotTV to get a jump on the latest. 

Gotta Go!

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We got going a little late for this episode's shoot, but that's no reason to panic. Just toss the script and improvise. 

We still give you your Winning Advantage Question, ready to answer for this weeks game. 

And Quizmaster Jennifer can still "float" our new ETRdotTV stand up paddle board from Pin Up Boarding, even though the sun has "sunk" below the horizon. 

This Wednesday at the Bull and Barrel, we'll be drawing for a weekend's use of two of those paddle boards.

We start the game at 7pm, and that's a half hour before sunset. Just in case you were wondering. 

See you then!

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This week marks the return of Quizmaster Jennifer and Candyman Ron to where it all happens - The Bull and Barrel Pub. 

Join us for our fourth season of PubStumpers LIVE Trivia each Wednesday starting at 7pm. The Bull and Barrel Pub is located at 75 Cedar Pointe Drive near Highway 400 and Dunlop Street in Barrie. 

Watch the video now to get your Winning Advantage Question and then bring the answer to this Wednesday's game. You know that rewards await. 

As temperatures begin to chill, get your fill of fun at the Bull and Barrel Pub!

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Quizmaster Jennifer and the ETRdotTV team are thrilled to be able to award a "boat - size" smart HDTV to a lucky PubStumpers player at this week's game!

Sourced from Simcoe Audio Video, this TV is a fitting prize to recognize the success of the 2017 season on the Upper Deck.

We'll be drawing for it right after PubStumpers on Tuesday. The more times you've played this season and entered our weekly draws, the greater your chances of winning. Enter one more time this Tuesday at the game. All entries thus received will be in the draw bowl on Tuesday. You must be present at Tuesday's 7pm game to be eligible to win. 

Watch the Across the Cut video now to get the Winning Advantage Question to help you and your team achieve a top PubStumpers score and win our other prizes: TIM Tender tickets.

This week is our 2017 Grand Finale On the Upper Deck and we will be video streaming the game live to Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub in preparation for our upcoming season there. Come join in the fun at the Upper Deck or at the Bull. Thank you for a great 2017 summer despite the Island high water. 

Go Team and Go Big! 

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ETRdotTV stands for Enjoy The Reward Television and a big part of our mandate is to help you have fun. 

This week at Toronto Island Marina and the Upper Deck, we are celebrating late August and the sunset of Summer. 

Come for a movie, join in some friendly competition with LIVE Trivia, or relax on the weekend with music under the stars. It's all here for you. 

The details are all in the video AND if you are playing trivia this week, be sure to check out the Winning Advantage Question, also in the video. Bring the answer to that, and your team to trivia this week - you will be that much nearer to a win! 

And coming soon to the marina is Pin Up Boarding demo days. You will be able to try out a stand up paddle board on the calm lagoon. 

If you are a boater who stays at the marina, check out our new high speed Internet service. Register for a free trial by clicking on the Events and Contests page here on ETRdotTV. 

High Five to Summer at Toronto Island Marina!

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Sarah took home a great prize last week at PubStumpers LIVE Trivia On the Upper Deck - a weekend's use of two Pin Up Boarding Stand-up Paddle Boards!

Why don't you get your own glow on? Come out to any event at the marina this week. Just check out the video for the event line - up.  

And if you are coming for trivia on Tuesday, be sure to make note of the Winning Advantage Question in the video. Bring your answer and your team and get that much closer to your own win. 

Are you a boater at the marina? Sign up now for a limited time free trial of dedicated high speed Internet to your boat slip. That's our latest ETRdotTV initiative! Just visit our Events and Contests page to register now on our ETRdotTV website. 

You're always a winner when you spend some time on the Upper Deck. Join us this week!

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It's true. There is no bridge to get to Toronto Island Marina and the Upper Deck. And that is part of the magic. 

When you visit for CinemaTIM Mondays to enjoy a feature film under the canopy, or come for LIVE PubStumpers Trivia on Tuesdays, or dance your cares away with LIVE music on the weekends, you don't need a boat to float.

Frequent private tender service will bring you from the heart of downtown directly to the Upper Deck, and back again. Check out the ETRdotTV Events and Contests page for a schedule. 

And watch the video now to find out the Upper Deck activity schedule for this week. 

It is also true that the video IS a bridge. A bridge to a win for you and your trivia team on Tuesday. Just bring your answer to the Winning Advantage Question in it to PubStumpers on Tuesday. 

This Tuesday, among other prizes, we are awarding a weekend with TWO Pin Up Boarding Stand-up Paddle Boards! 

THAT would make your float!  

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