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Duke of Devon PubStumpers - January 26


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In this episode Spiros shows his love for the Toronto Maple Leafs and then gets properly shot down by Jillian. Of course, this video is all about the PubStumpers event so Jillian reveals two questions from tonight;s game.

Thoughts On: Innovation


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John Sweeney is owner of Brave New Workshop, an improvisational theater company that works with companies worldwide to incite change and harness employee engagement and innovative training programs.


At the 2011 Recognition Professionals International Conference, John shared his insights into how improvisational skills and behaviors translate into innovation. In this 5 minute video, he explains how these concepts help stretch individuals and companies to create trust, engagement and the championing of new ideas.


Thoughts On: The Recipient's Experience


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Winning an Emmy changed reality TV editor Mary DeChambres' life. In this 5-minute 'Thoughts On' video, we see formal recognition from the recipient's perspective-- what it means to be appreciated at a prestigious event and how formal recognition has a positive effect on future output.

At the 2011 RPI Conference in San Antonio, Mary delivered a keynote presentation on her experience. Here she recounts winning the award, what it meant to have her husband present and how she sees recognition from an all-new perspective.

A Motivation Moment: Great Recognition Events Define Great Leadership


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Outstanding leaders move beyond simply defending their actions.

Large scale employee recognition events can sometimes be incorrectly labeled as controversial and lavish executive retreats of questionable value, but Texas Roadhouse CEO G.J. Hart makes it known that investing in people is what directly enables success.

In this 5 minute segment, watch as GJ explains the recognition event imperative and why all leaders need to embrace it.  
G. J. Hart was recently named CEO of California Pizza Kitchens, where he intends to continue celebrating his great people.

Here are two links for additional perspectives on GJ's story:



A Motivation Moment: The HR Leadership Imperative


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As the world economy shifts into an ultra competitive phase, many HR practitioners can benefit from a new approach to their career.

In this 4 minute episode, Carol Semrad, past president of the Chicago based Society for Human Resource Professionals, makes the case for advancing the role of the human resource profession.

Visit www.shrp.org to learn more about making your HR skills ready for the challenges ahead.


A Motivation Moment: Engaging Employees with Social Media


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Taraci Motivation of New York created one of the first fully online incentive programs for a major enterprise client. Now, moving beyond web applications, Taraci Motivation have become experts on leveraging social media and mobile for recognition and incentive programs.

Facebook and other social media count almost a billion people as users. In this 5 minute segment, Tom Taraci explains why any recognition professional cannot afford to miss the opportunity of integrating social media and mobile into their programs.


A Motivation Moment: Become a CRP


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This is the first episode in our new series of interviews recorded at the Chicago Motivation Show. In this 5 minute segment, Barbara Ruddy CRP makes a clear case for becoming a Certified Recognition Professional. A CRP designation demonstrates commitment to a professional approach and to best practice in employee recognition.

If you are an employee recognition practitioner or if you are a resource provider, view this video to learn why you should become, and how you can become, a Certified Recognition Professional.

Thoughts On: Trust, Fairness, and Ego


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S. Max Brown is an international speaker, consultant and Principal of the Recognition Management Institute. In this 8 minute Thoughts On segment, Max illuminates the negative influence of fear in the workplace and presents an alternative that is led by trust and fairness. The case is made that this approach must be led at the senior executive level and without letting ego get in the way.

Thoughts On: Enrichment Leadership


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Industry research has shown that making human value connections leads to prosperity and growth in an organization. An enrichment strategy, built on recognition, is an effective way for leaders to more fully realize the value of their people. In this 7 minute segment, Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP and business executive, provides a strong case for using enrichment to benefit all enterprise stakeholders. The concept and integration of the "triple bottom line" is also explained.

Thoughts On: Genuine Engagement


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David Zinger is a globally recognized expert on employee engagement and the founder of the 4100 member Employee Engagement Network. Connecting people with themselves, each other, their organizations, and the community is a key component of employee engagement. In this 4 minute Thoughts On segment, David offers a few simple ideas on how employee recognition professionals can move toward an environment of genuine engagement. For more information visit www.davidzinger.com

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