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Flying virtually anywhere we want whenever we want has become the new normal. It wasn't always this way. It took a lot of inspiration and perspiration to get to this point.

History shows us that nothing great happens without someone taking calculated risks. That's the only way forward but it doesn't always work out as planned.

Just like playing PubStumpers LIVE Trivia at the Bull and Barrel every Wednesday at 7pm, sometimes you win and sometimes you land short. Either way, as long as you keep trying, great things will come. Dig deep for your golden opportunity, and fly into the blue!

Thank you to G&G Jet Centre and Lake Simcoe Regional Airport for assistance with this episode.

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At ETRdotTV we recognize effort and success. Less than 100 years ago, a big change was clearly needed. Watch now and find out what wrong was righted this week in Canadian history.

Bringing you a small challenge such as LIVE PubStumpers trivia is our way of letting you flex your thought muscles. Learning, entertainment, and refreshment: Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub has it all for you this Wednesday at 7pm.

Look up the answer to the Winning Advantage Question in this video and get closer to success for you and your team. Power to the people!

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Go where the action is going to be not where it is now!

This Wednesday 7pm at the Bull & Barrel pub shoot to score at LIVE trivia.

You too can be at the top of your game - Watch the video now and get your "Winning Advantage" question. Hooray!

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We all encounter daily challenges as we go about our lives. Some small, some not so small. But having values that include focus, teamwork, and diversity are often keys to success.

Playing live trivia at the Bull and Barrel Pub is one way to exercise these important traits with your colleagues and friends. Challenging yourself to improve every week brings you more fun, more reward, and more personal satisfaction.

In this video episode, we take a glimpse at someone who helped make all Canadians proud, a little over three decades ago this week. This person and his team challenged themselves and sacrificed beyond what most people think possible.

Watch our weekly videos on ETRdotTV and learn about life success, informed shopping and fun. Our PubStumpers "Winning Advantage" question will help your team reach a top score each week, so bring your answer and your team this Wednesday 7pm and we'll climb to the top together!

A photograph in this week's video was used with permission of Everest Canadian team member Pat Morrow, which is greatly appreciated.


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We're pitching you a triple in this week's video. Some history, your Winning Advantage Question, AND a chance to earn some Bull and Barrel Pub chicken wings!

Watch the video then go to the Events page on ETRdotTV to identify a certain person in the video and you will get 10 chicken wings FREE when you play PubStumpers LIVE Trivia this Wednesday September 28th at the Bull and Barrel!
That's in addition to your chance of a team win for top score in PubStumpers and the award of a $25 gift card.

With ETRdotTV you will always Enjoy The Reward!
We hope you know your Canadian history so it won't be too "taxing" to know who the person in the video is!

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We are so glad to be back for another awesome season of PubStumpers LIVE Trivia at the Bull and Barrel Pub!

With summer about gone we'll heat up your nights starting this Wednesday at 7pm.

With all new questions and prizes, this will surely be an exciting season! We would like to thank ICEBOX Cards and Collectibles once again for providing some fabulous memorabilia and this week if you are a Maple Leafs fan, you will not want to miss out - so come early for the best seats. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends and making new ones too!

We will be announcing some new promotions soon but in the meantime get your "Winning Advantage" question by watching our weekly videos on ETRdotTV - you will be that much closer to being a winner! So lets get the party started - see ya this week!



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We have really enjoyed spending time with all of you this summer, as well as providing you with some fun events on both sides of Deep Pike Cut!

Summer at TIM and IYC has not yet come to an end, however, we will say Arrivederci to a great first season of PubStumpers LIVE Trivia at the Toronto Island Marina Upper Deck.

We look forward to enjoying one last summer night of PubStumpers fun and laughter together on Tuesday August 30th.

Our Grand Prize will be a Lenovo Android Tablet Computer! So don't miss out on the celebration of the season's end! You must be present to win. One business card from all entries received during the past 7 weeks and those submitted at this Tuesday's game are eligible to be drawn. One entry per player per week, so the more times you've played, the luckier you will be!

It would be great to hear your feedback of the summer events on Twitter at @ETRdotTV or on your Quizmaster's @EnjoyJenna! Visit ETRdotTV and watch our videos for fall upcoming events.

Drop by and say "Hi" at the Toronto Island Marina and Island Yacht Club booths during the Toronto International Boat Show in January. Nothing like getting back on board a tantalizing new vessel during a snow storm!

Arrgh! We are planning on bigger prizes, better entertainment and excitement for 2017 - See ya then mates!

Thank you to everyone for watching, playing, and hanging out with us!

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The summer at Toronto Island Marina and Island Yacht Club is still hot and cool with great entertainment nightly and relaxing natural surroundings during the day.

Whether you're boating or socializing you can enjoy both sides of Deep Pike Cut by just showing up! IYC memberships and TIM seasonal and transient docking are available now.

We only have 2 more weeks left for you to play LIVE Upper Deck PubStumpers Trivia with your Quizmaster Jennifer, and there are lots of prizes still to come including dinner for four at the Duke of Devon pub in Toronto.

This weekend we have an exclusive event on offer. We will be screening the live broadcast of the Tragically Hip concert, in full HD and hi-fi sound, at IYC this Saturday August 20th at 8pm! ETRdotTV will also be providing a FREE water taxi run Across the Cut between TIM and IYC. Boat leaves TIM Upper Deck dock at 730pm and returns after the concert. Follow @ETRdotTV on Twitter to keep up with the latest on this historic event. We will be accepting donations to the Sunnybrook Foundation for brain cancer research.

So come on out and enjoy all of what summer at TIM and IYC has to offer - What an awesome summer it is! 

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Check out all of the amenities that the Island Yacht Club has to offer. They can be yours to enjoy with your own social membership. No boat needed! 

Summer is in full swing and so is the entertainment on both sides of Deep Pike Cut. Jazz or Blues - it's your choice, either way YOU won't be blue.

But you COULD cheer Blue. That's because at this Tuesday's PubStumpers LIVE trivia at Toronto Island Marina's Upper Deck, one lucky person will win a pair of great seats to the Blue Jays!

Don't miss out this Tuesday at 7pm - you need to be present to win. Join Quizmaster Jennifer for another awesome fun filled evening with great friends, munchies and frosty cold beer and bevvies available until closing. ‎Bury the winter blues away, come out and celebrate summer today!


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Welcome to this week's episode of Across the Cut. We took the ETRdotTV boat Paradox to Muggs Island for a first visit there. 

Make a reservation and enjoy fine dining with friends and family at the Island Yacht Club's award winning Clubhouse.

The modern architecture and layout pairs organically with culinary presentation, creating a dining experience you’ll savour!

IYC welcomes you to experience an exclusive taste, even before you consider taking up a social or boating membership.

Don't forget to also make your way across Deep Pike Cut to Toronto Island Marina for LIVE trivia Tuesday at 7pm on the Upper Deck with Quizmaster Jennifer. The prizes never stop and you can win with either smarts or luck! Get a Winning Advantage by watching this episode of Across the Cut. Embrace the summer with us!


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