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What an impact the young Maple Leaf players have made on us this season, with a thrilling six game series and a one point overtime loss. Like a metaphor for life, you give it your all but it's sometimes not enough. Kind of like PubStumpers LIVE Trivia but at least we don't have to endure body checks!

No matter your age or trivia skill, all it takes is the tenacity and perseverance to obtain that one extra point to beat out your rival teams! The results have been extraordinary this season with unexpected teams rising to the top due to weekly commitment that breeds rising scores!   

The prizes at the Bull & Barrel Pub are sweet and worth competing for, so keep building your knowledge and your team for future wins. Practice makes perfect. Let's score a victory for your team next time! Go Teams Go!

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We are going bananas over the start of season 3 and thanks to !MPACT LIVE, concert tickets are already in the hands of a lucky winner who played our first game.

With your perseverance and attendance it will not be a long way to the top for your team to seal the show. Come out to join the excitement and let us entertain you with LIVE Trivia fun! More prizes than ever this season thanks to our generous partners. And don't forget the Bull & Barrel $25 gift cards awarded to the top team at the half and end of each game. 

So if you want to win tickets to some great concert experiences, We'll see you this Wednesday 7pm at The Bull & Barrel Pub. Ain't that a Peach!

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We're Back! Quizmaster Jennifer and Candyman Ron can't wait to get started again! We invite our LIVE TRIVIA friends out for another brain rattling season of PubStumpers! That's right folks, Season 3 starts this Wednesday 7pm at your favorite pub, The Bull and Barrel. 

More games! More prizes! More excitement!  Play each week! We will be giving away concert tickets from ImpactLIVE this week. We will be giving away $25 Bull and Barrel gift cards this week. And back by popular demand, FREE Chicken Wings! Just visit ETRdotTV before the game. Click on the Events and Contest page then follow the directions and rules to claim your WINGS! 

Watch the video to get your Winning Advantage Question for Wednesday (a picture this week) and play to win! 

PubStumpers LIVE Trivia, Wednesday nights 7pm at the Bull and Barrel Pub at 75 Cedar Pointe Drive just west of the 400 off Dunlop St. West.

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The 2017 Toronto Boat Show was the place to be if you dream of a summer on the water. Pleasure boating comes in all shapes and sizes and your next boat could be human powered, wind powered, electric powered, or just full of power! 

No matter what experience you choose, The Toronto Boat Show is a great place to compare products and services and even score a great deal! 

In this video, we showcase 13 varied exhibitors representing just about all facets of boating. Our goal is to introduce you to a relationship with these people, who all represent organizations worthy of your consideration. After all, you can get product information anywhere. What this video gives you is a chance to meet the people behind these organizations.

This is just an overview. Host Jennifer will be back with more in-depth videos that reveal everything that these people have to say. These are much more than promotional videos. They will help you plan for maximum enjoyment on and around the water!

One video will even tell the story of an organization that uses the love of boating to turn around the lives of young people at risk.

Be sure to check back soon!

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The Bull and Barrel Pub is your fun place for friends and vibes in Barrie. In this extended version of the Bull and Barrel Video you get extra running time to check out four of the bands that have played the Bull.

To view the regular length cut, you can visit the Bull and Barrel web page here.

Be sure to drop in to the Bull and Barrel Pub on your next weekend off. You won't be disappointed!

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This video is part of the Island Yacht Club's 2017 presence at the Toronto International Boat Show. The Island Yacht Club is a jewel on Toronto's lakefront that is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to be a big part of your summer boating and social enjoyment. There is much more to see - visit the boat show January 20-29 2017 and drop in to booth 1747. Join Island Yacht Club today! For complete information please refer to the iyc.ca website.

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Barrie Ontario's Bull and Barrel Pub has been the home of two seasons of ETRdotTV LIVE PubStumpers Trivia on Wednesday nights, with more to come. But this pub is much more than a mid-week hangout!

Saturdays is all about LIVE Entertainment with musical acts that are of high quality and are sure to please anyone from 19 to 90! This video showcases a few of them, but more importantly it proves how much fun Saturday at the Bull is! 

For more information and to view the entertainment schedule, visit www.bullandbarrel.ca

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With our Grand Finale PubStumpers LIVE Trivia happening this Wednesday at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub, we are truly humbled with your enthusiasm and support.

Quizmaster Jennifer and Candyman Ron are grateful that we can give a little bit back, in the form of some terrific prizes this week.

You won't want to miss it, because soon we will be missing you every Wednesday! 

And yes, our tune this week is also a tune for you to identify - artist and title -  when you watch this week's Winning Advantage video.

We'll see you at 7pm Wednesday. It's time to celebrate!

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In this week's Winning Advantage video we give you some digital food for thought and at the Bull & Barrel Pub we give you hunger satisfaction.
Don't miss out on the last two weeks of LIVE PubStumpers Trivia, time flies when we’re having fun and lots of prizes have been won!
Bring your answer to the question in this video, along with your team, to the Bull & Barrel Pub this Wednesday 7pm.
This week drop your business card in the bucket and boost your chances to win at our Grand Prize draw to be held December 7th.
As always there will be a Bull & Barrel gift card in store for the top team at the half and end of the game.
Get out of the virtual and into the real. Come out for some social engagement, competition, and fun!

Thank you to Northern Protocol Computer Sales and Service for their assistance with this video!

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Imagine picking a name for your next car. That's precisely what happened this week in 1900. Find out how it was done - watch now. 

And it could be YOUR name that comes up as a winner this week at LIVE trivia. 

With only three more nights of PubStumpers Wednesdays, the results for the top team will come faster than the time you have to untangle your Christmas lights!

Quizmaster Jennifer and Candyman Ron look forward to your participation at Barrie's finest, the Bull and Barrel Pub.

It's certainly starting to feel like Winter is coming so snuggle up with your team and enjoy some warm hospitality and genuine fun! 

We'll be announcing more grand prizes this week. The more times you play and enter, the better your chances will be of getting a win. 

Don't forget to make note of the Winning Advantage Question in this video. Bring your answer this Wednesday at 7pm and open up a lead for you and your team. 

We would also like to thank the staff at Mercedes-Benz Barrie for permission to shoot this video at their dealership. Great folks and any of their vehicles would make an excellent Christmas gift!

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