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Challenging trivia questions can certainly be found in our weekly games. This week's Winning Advantage Question is definitely in that category! Heck, Quizmaster Jennifer is probably going to have trouble just reading it aloud at game time.

But you will have the advantage of looking up the answer ahead of time - and be ready to get closer to prizes this week.

We play Wednesday at the Bull and Barrel Pub in Barrie and Thursday at the Cookstown Pub Co in Innisfil. Game time is 7pm both days.

We'll see you there!

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In this episode of your Winning Advantage video, Quizmaster Jennifer showcases Rock95 - a leading Central Ontario broadcaster that, like ETRdotTV, celebrates and embraces local and independent enterprise.

Radio has been around a long time and it's likely to be around a lot longer too!

Enjoy this week at PubStumpers LIVE trivia. Wednesday at the Bull and Barrel Pub in Barrie, and Thursday at the Cookstown Pub in Innisfil. Start time is 7pm both days.

Free admission and prizes galore!

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ETRdotTV is on a mission to bring you Life Success, Informed Buying, and Fun. One way we can do that is by showcasing innovation. 

You don't normally expect local government to be associated with innovation, but that is exactly what you will find with the Town of Innisfil.

Quizmaster Jennifer makes her home in Big Bay Point in the northeast part of Innisfil. For this week's video Jennifer makes a quick visit to the Town Hall and discovers some of that innovation.

Of course, we also have your Winning Advantage Question for this week's LIVE trivia at the Bull and Barrel Pub and The Cookstown Pub.

With ETRdotTV, let's innovate together and give your FUN a big dose of LOCAL content!

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We get right to the point in this week's video.

Come on out and enjoy an evening with friends and foes alike as you and your team challenge fellow "know it alls" in Simcoe County.

The question revealed in this video could give you a Winning Advantage.

Play Wednesday evening at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub, or Thursday at Innisfil's Cookstown Pub Co. Prizes galore!

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LIVE PubStumpers Trivia takes place this week on Wednesday and Thursday with a start time of 7pm both days. Choose from the Bull and Barrel Pub in Barrie on Wednesday or the Cookstown Pub Co in Innisfil on Thursday.

Either way, you will be making a choice that will have you at a great pub with good food and bevvies, and a fun and challenging couple of hours with your team and others. You can't beat that, and right in your neighbourhood to boot!

The video has this week's Winning Advantage Question to get you closer to a big prize win. Come one and all this week!

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How wonderful that it snows in mid April here in Simcoe County! What? And freezing rain, and ice pellets, and high winds - that's wonderful all right! 

Wonderful because the lovely Quizmaster Jennifer gets to show-off some sweet new product from our Feature Partner snõclub that has the weather in its name!

Even though the ski and snowboard runs are closed at Mt. St. Louis, where we shot the video, that won't stop us from having some fun. (with permission of course)

Check out the Winning Advantage question that is in the video, then get your trivia team together and come out and play! Wednesday at 7pm OR Thursday at 7pm. Find out where, in the video!

And a last note: Saturday is the day for your Last Straw. One less piece of plastic garbage in our oceans!

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Simcoe County is all about enjoying the four seasons. Spending time outdoors with activities you love makes your indoor time even more special. 

At ETRdotTV we're delivering some of that indoor fun with yet another Spring season of LIVE PubStumpers Trivia. And we're growing too.

Find out what it's all about in our first episode of the Winning Advantage video for Spring 2018. We're looking forward to seeing your teams again - and meeting new ones from all over Simcoe County. 

So get your answer together for the Winning Advantage Question and we'll see you this week!

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The past twelve weeks have seen you come together at the Bull and Barrel Pub like never before. 

This Wednesday at 7pm we celebrate the Grand Finale of this, our 4th season of LIVE PubStumpers Trivia. 

Let's gather again to have a toast for success and play for some great prizes and fun. 

Your Winning Advantage has a special surprise this week too. Just watch the video now to find out. 

Thank you to the management and staff at the fantastic Bull and Barrel Pub, but most of all to you our players and friends! 

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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That's a future that we feature, thanks to our Feature Partners. 

Only a couple weeks of Bull and Barrel LIVE Trivia are left this fall, and we are close to our Grand Finale night.

Join us on that path, take a moment to get this week's Winning Advantage Question, and find out what's in store.

This season's second to last game plays Wednesday 7pm. Maybe 'second to last' won't be such a bad thing!

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We are building up to a Grand Finale coming up later this month. 

So come on out to the Bull and Barrel Pub this Wednesday at 7pm and each Wednesday for the next 3 weeks. 

Every time you enter our weekly draw gives you another chance at the Grand Finale draw. 

Help build a strong trivia score for your team. Take a moment to watch the video for this week's Winning Advantage Question -  and make it a winning week! 

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